On Site Courses
Basic Course on Telecom
Special Course on IP Telephony
Mobile Technologies-GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE
Special Course on Telecom Billing/OSS/BSS
Next Generation OSS and eTOM
Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
Detailed course on VoIP and SIP
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The on-site training courses are structured, keeping in mind the engineers / professionals / graduates / technicians, who have newly joined Telecom field or would like to update themselves. They are also structured for senior staff, who need the refreshing.
Disha Consultants has worked out special packages for Telecom Equipment Manufacturers, Software Development Companies (developing Telecom / Networking software), System Integrators, Basic Service Providers, Large corporate houses having their own telecom network, Marketing companies in Telecom, Banks and Financial Institutions etc. These course packages start from fundamentals of telephony, PSTN networks, switching types and methods. They cover Datacom technologies, mobile technologies like GSM, GPRS, UMTS, LTE etc. Telecom Billing, BSS / OSS, NGOS, eTOM are also covered. Courses on Optical Technologies including OFDM, DWDM, OCX Internet, including IPv6 are delivered. Latest IP Telephony standards, VoIP, SIP are covered.

Some of the on-site courses are–
Basic Course on Telecom – 2 days
Advance Datacom / Networking overview – 2 days
Special Course on SS7 and Intelligent Networks – 3 days
Detailed course on ATM – 3 days
Special course on Customer Care – 1 day
Course on Fiber Optic Technology and its Applications – 3 days
Designing of Basic Service Network – 3 days
Designing and implementation of GSM network – 3 day
Implementation of Limited Mobility Networks – 3 days
Special Course on IP Telephony – 2 days
Billing for Service Providers – 1 day
Various aspects of OSS / BSS – 3 days
Course on SDH / SONET – 3 days
ISDN : Application Considerations and Implementation Strategies –     2 days
Migration strategies for emerging technologies in Telecom – 1 day
Digital Subscriber Line Technologies – 2 days
Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) overview – 2 days
Radio Transmission Fundamentals – 2 days
Broadband Concepts – 2 days
Open System Interconnection (OSI) overview – 2 days
VoIP : Technology and Applications overview – 2 days
3G Mobile Networks with UMTS – 3 days
4G Mobile Networks with LTE – 2 days
Complete WiMAX – 2 days
Fundamentals and Applications of SIP – 2 days
Optical Cross Connect / Optical Mux – 3 days
Unified Communication and Femtocell architecture – 2 days
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