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Vaijanath Langade
IT Operations | Avaya India Private Limited
on 01/12/2008
“It is very good learning experience on telecom domain from you.”
Ashwin Kumar
Director, CCS BU R&D Avaya, Pune
on 01/12/2008 
“The session, and in particular, the voice session, was par excellence. I am sure your background as an engineer and a technologist was deeply rooted as a voice domain expert, and it showed very clearly. And more important than your depth of knowledge in that area, your way of explaining people complex details in simple language is a role model for anyone involved with technical education. I have gone back and highly recommended this training to all my business unit (approx 250 people).”
Pritesh Mistry
Avaya, Pune
on 14/11/2008
“Thank you very much or the fantastic bootcamp & your extreme patience with us at answering ALL our queries..”
Satyaveer Singh
Avaya, Pune
on 14/11/2008 
“It was really a wonderful session full of knowledge. The main point is that any participand never lost the interest during the 3-day session. Hope to see you soon in another session.”
Prashanto Chatterjee
Avaya, Pune
on 31/10/2008
“It was real pleasure learning under your aegis. Hope to have more interactions with you in future.”
Amol Mittal
Avaya, Pune
on 21/10/2008
“Thanks for the wonderful training you gave us. I really learned a lot.”
Amit Siddhartha
Avaya, Pune
on 17/10/2008 
“It was a great training session with you. Hope to attend similar sessions in future.”
Vikram Mulay
Information Developer l Avaya l Pune
on 17/10/2008
“The telecom boot camp conducted by you was very informative and fruitful.”
Yamini Nafde
Avaya - Pune
on 05/08/2008
“As a beginner in Telecom, I thoroughly enjoyed your sessions. Sessions were very lively and informative. Your patience and perseverance is worth mentioning - especially while handling a mixed batch of students, knowledgeable to beginners.”
Venkata Prasad Chunduri
Avaya, Pune
on 04/08/2008
“I really enjoyed and learned a lot about telephony during the 3 days. Being new to telecom domain, this session helped me a lot in understanding the basics of telephony and relate with my practical (as an end user) experience.”
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