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Shriwallabh Aghor(Sachin)
Avaya, Pune
on 02/12/2010
“I must say your style of teaching and analogies given makes it easier to remember the concepts.”
Basvraj Ghuli
Avaya, Pune
on 01/12/2010 
"Thanks for the two days efforts you have put for advanced boot camp -II. It helped me to brush up my skills along with market deployment and trends."
Prasad Babu
Sr Module Lead, Solution & Interoperability Test Lab | Avaya, Pune
on 21/07/2010
"Thank you Sir, it's good startup in Telecom domain with your boot camp training for a novice person like me ."
Milan Thumar
Accenture – Pune
on 29/07/2009
“I am from AVAYA. Recently attended your training for Telecom Boot camp Basic. I like your way of teaching. As it is very practical as you are. It sounds you have huge practical experience of things.”
Deepika Kishore
PE (Fujitsu), Wipro Technologies, Chennai
on 03/02/2009
“We really enjoyed and learnt a lot from your session, A special mention to your enthusiasm and interest in clarifying doubts. The knowledge and experience you have is really great. Thank you sir.”
Omkar Bura
Avaya - Pune
on 26/07/2009
“I am Omkar. I have attended the 4 day Telecom Boot Camp Training at Avaya.It was really a nice learning experience. Especially, the real life examples made it easy to understand the concepts more effectively. Also, we could ask queries at any point of time during the course which helped clear our doubts.The tests helped us exhibit how well we had grasped the concepts.”
Sharon Golan
Avaya, USA
on 17/06/2009
“I received the feedback from the last Telecomm bootcamp class, and am very pleased with the feedback!!! Thank you for improving the classes time after time :)). Looking forward for future training sessions.”
Sujatha Joseph
Avaya - Pune
on 30/04/2009
“Thank you very much for the excellent training, and for all the slides you sent.”
Abhilasha Konher
Avaya - Pune
on 31/12/2008
“The boot camp session (advanced) was very well organized and we found it really helpful.”
Prathap Raj Varma
CAD System Verification | Avaya | Pune
on  19/12/2008
“Thank you for your wonderful real time training imparted to us. Even we enjoyed it.”
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