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Latest Updates
Ashutosh Jha
Amdocs (AT&T Managed Services) – Gurgaon
on 24/02/2012
"Hi Prashant, Many thanks for your efforts. It felt like we were diving into the ocean of vast knowledge with you."
Amazingly organized and presented !
Sandhya Ramamurthy
Accenture – Bangalore
on 20/02/2012
"Hi Sir, I wanted to really thank you for the training you provided and your knowledge on the subject is commendable, thank you so much."
Tincy Anna Thomas
Accenture – Bangalore
on 17/02/2012
"Hi Sir, Thank you so much for taking such a wonderful training for us.
Even though I am an Electronics & Telecommunications Engineer, I felt your classes were more interesting than my classes in college."
Anupama Lal
Accenture – Pune
on 01/02/2012
"Hi Prashant, Thanks for the in-depth coverage of the subject..!"
Kopal Gupta
Amdocs – Pune
on 14/09/2011
"Hi Sir, The training that you conducted was really a nice session.. did a real value addition…while being enjoyable as well….."
Accenture - Chennai
on 07/07/2011
"Hi Prashant, the two days session was very useful for me. Though I have 7 years of experience in testing, I am new to Telecom domain and I learnt lots of new concepts in this domain. Thanks again."
Saravanan Malaikani
Avanade Technology Group I Accenture
on 07/07/2011
“Thanks for your time Sir. It was a great learning experience.”
Accenture – Chennai
on 07/07/2011
“Thanks Prashant. Your session was really wonderful.”
Jomy George C J
Specialist - Business Analysis I Mobily Infotech
on 25/01/2011
“First of all I would like to thank you behalf of all the MIT people for the wonderful training sessions. It was very much helpful and a rejuvenating experience. Lots of things in telecom are crystal clear to us now especially the basic telecom concepts, technical aspects of all mobile generations, various technologies, terminologies and so on.

I would like to use this occasion to express our immense thanks to HR for providing us this training and we will be interested for more useful training like this ahead.”

Vinit Bhagwat
Technical Project Manager I Avaya, Pune
on 13/01/2011
“We enjoyed these 3 days and got good knowledge on Basics of Telecom. I am really impressed by your depth of knowledge and the way you conducted this session. Before attending this session I was not much interested in Telecom domain but due to this training you made Telecom very interesting.”
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